How to Choose Foundation

Have you ever wondered why some girls have got such flawless skin, and you don’t? Don’t envy them. Even your skin can look flawless with a little effort. You just need to find the right foundation for your skin. When choosing a foundation for yourself, consider your skin type. There are different makeup and skin care products available in the market which would be suitable for your skin type and complexion.

Your foundation shade should be close the natural color of your skin. Don’t settle for any foundation shade. There are plenty of options in the market to choose from, so even if you don’t find a suitable foundation for yourself, keep looking. If you do not find anything that matches your skin color, blend two shades together and see how it comes out. If your skin gets tanned easily, you can use a little darker shade in summers.

Don’t buy a foundation without testing it on your skin. Liquid foundation appears darker in the bottle. So try the foundation on your jawline at a make up counter. This will give the true facial coloring. If you are thinking of buying a concealer, then select the concealer and foundation from the same brand to ensure that these match perfectly.

For someone who has oily skin, an oil-free foundation is ideal. If you have dry skin, go with a creamier formula. This will moisturize the skin.

When applying a foundation, make sure you blend it well so that it disappears into the skin. Do not apply too much foundation as this will look unnatural.


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