Right Eyeshadow Application Technique

Most women don’t know the right application technique of eyeshadow. For them, putting on eyeshadow is a time-consuming and painstakingly difficult. However, contrary to the popular belief, it can be really easy to apply with the right techniques and tools. Your eyes can look mesmerizing just by following these simple tips and instructions.

You can choose a good eyeshadow primer, or a dab of liquid foundation or concealer to make your eyeshadow look vibrant on your eyelids. You can also use a lotion or water if you don’t have a primer, foundation or concealer. You should wear primer with a sponge or fingers. Make sure to blend it from the lash line to brow bone. Now apply a neutral color to lid.

Now apply a darker shade to the crease, don’t expand it upward. If you want a nice chirpy look, you can use lighter shades. For a dimensional or bolder look, you should use darker and bolder shades. The colors you choose should complement your eye color.

Now you can apply your eyeliner and mascara. Make sure these do not get on your eyeshadow.

Make sure to use a little amount of foundation on your eyelids as it will give an evenly toned canvas. Use high-quality flat and angled eyeshadow brushes for better results. Blending is the golden rule of right application of eyeshadow eye make up. Always use colors that blend easily.

Don’t try to match eyeshadow shade to your outfit. The shades should be chosen according to your skin tone, skin type, hair color or eye color.


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