Makeup that Stays All Day Long

When we spend so much time on applying our makeup, it can be very frustrating to see that it last for just 2-3 hours. If not applied correctly, it is usually smeared or smudged after a few hours. We all want our makeup to stay for all day. We can apply that gorgeous makeup that stays in place throughout the day, if we apply it carefully.

The golden rule for long lasting, fresh looking makeup is to create a good makeup base.

Here are some tips on how to keep your makeup last longer.

Face Makeup

Apply the foundation 10 minutes after applying your moisturizer. Make sure your moisturizer has time to absorb into the skin. It gives you a smooth canvas for the application of foundation. Don’t forget to apply concealer before your foundation. Apply it on spots, scars, blemishes to even out your skin tone.

If you have a dry skin, choose a heavier moisturizing foundation that has a little oil. Women who have oily skin should choose oil-free formula. You must apply a compact powder to set your foundation. Always choose a foundation that goes well with your skin tone. 

Eye Makeup

Apply your foundation and compact powder on your eyelids. Your eye cosmetics products will stay for longer time. Always choose waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Choose liquid eyeliner over pencil eyeliner as it stays for longer time.

Lip Makeup

You must apply your foundation before wearing your lip liner and lipstick lips makeup products. It extends the life of your lip makeup. For a matte look, apply a hint of compact powder and then apply your lipstick.


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