Short & Simple Skin Care Tips for Men

The common misconception that men don’t need to take care of their skin has changed over the past several years. There has been a remarkable increase in the sales of skin care products for men.  Today there are hundreds of skin care products for men available in the market that one wonders are these products really reliable.

Men are spending hundreds of rupees to treat their problematic skin. But the question is how to differentiate between reliable and unreliable products. Well the decision should be simple for men as they just need to follow three steps to protect their skin – Cleansing, Moisturizing & Protecting.

Cleanse: Just like women, men should avoid washing their face with harsh soaps. It is advisable to use a good cleanser to cleanse your face well.

Moisturize: This is the basic step and most significant skin care solution for men. Most men skip applying moisturizer on their skin after shaving. Shaving causes skin to be dehydrated and dry. So you must apply a good moisturizer after shaving. It is advisable to shave directly after a shower as skin is soft at this time. Avoid using aftershave lotions that contain alcohol as these may dehydrate your skin. Choose a moisturizer that goes well with your skin type.

Protect: This is the most important step that is often neglected and skipped by most men. You must apply a sunscreen before stepping out of your home. You spend a lot of time outside. If you don’t protect your skin from UV rays, you are just leaving your skin at risk of cancer and wrinkles. Make sure the sunscreen you choose is SPF 15 or higher. Apply your sunscreen on your face and neck. You can also choose a daily moisturizer that includes a sunscreen.

Apply skin care cosmetics products carefully.


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