Teenage Makeup

Teenage is a phase, where you’re all vibrant and good looking. It is a young and very dynamic stage of your life. And when comes for enhancement your teen beauty, makeup is actually needed in a very minimal level. It should only be used only to improve and bring finishing to the young face. The idea should be solely to look pretty, not painted.

True teen beauty is to look your best, without looking like you are actually wearing any makeup. However the craze to experiment with looks comes with the admission in college. This age is very delicate, and is good to avoid extra make up. Teenage make up should always be soft and subtle. A nice combination of colors, poise and sweet touch ups makes teenage make up attractive and charming.

Always start with keeping your skin healthy, as this will be your best beauty product. Get in the practice of cleansing your skin, morning and night. And make sure to clean off your makeup before going to bed. Apply acne cream if you are skin is acne prone and always use some sort of light moisturizing lotion. Experiment with colors. Go for bright and floral colors. You can also use light pink and black colors if you are willing for a feminine and sensuous look. Go for bright yet natural shades for makeup.


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