Mascara Shopping Tips

Mascara is one of most loved cosmetics in India. Most women buy this product to accentuate their eyelashes and make them appear longer and thicker. It simply beautifies their eyelashes and enhances their overall appearance. When buying mascara, you should be sure that you are purchasing the right formula and right shade.

In this blog, you will find few mascara shopping tricks:

The most important step is to find the right formula for you. You should never test the mascara on your eyelashes at a local store as it is not safe and may cause irritation.

You should choose the mascara tone that matches the color of your hair.

Choose brown mascara for daytime occasions and black mascara for nighttime functions. Depending on the looks you want to achieve, you should choose your mascara.

Buy water proof mascara for more humid climates or monsoons. For routine wear, you can go with traditional mascara.

Be sure you check your mascara at the departmental store to make sure it is not dried out.

You need to replace your mascara after every 6 months as it develop bacteria after some time.


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