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Makeup – A Simple Magic

Makeup is all about experimenting with your looks. While applying makeup you have all the freedom to test yourself with what is a ten on ten look for you and what is a big thumb down. You just need to … Continue reading

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Easy Tips to Apply Pencil Eyeliner

Eyes are the most alluring and expressive feature of any woman. They can speak thousand words without uttering a word. Most women are aware of this fact and this is why they pay heed to their eye makeup. Eyeliner is … Continue reading

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Mascara Shopping Tips

Mascara is one of most loved cosmetics in India. Most women buy this product to accentuate their eyelashes and make them appear longer and thicker. It simply beautifies their eyelashes and enhances their overall appearance. When buying mascara, you should … Continue reading

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Lip Liner Shopping Tips

Lip liner is an essential lip makeup product that defines the shape of your lips. You should not buy a lip liner just because it looked good on your friend. When buying lip liner you should choose one that goes … Continue reading

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Simple Makeup tips

There are just few steps that can help you to get wonderful makeup and you can notice the change in your face drastically. Your first stage of makeup should consider of concealing your dark spots and blemishes of face with … Continue reading

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Easy Steps to Wear Concealer

Concealer is usually used to even out the skin tone. Many women use this product to hide any skin imperfections like dark circles, spots, scars and blemishes. When selecting the concealer, you must select the one that goes well with … Continue reading

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Tips to Buy Right Eyebrow Pencil

A perfectly shaped eyebrow gives a well-groomed look. If you don’t have perfectly shaped eyebrow, an eyebrow pencil is the right product for you. It will draw the illusion of perfectly shaped eyebrow. It gives a complete touch to your … Continue reading

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