Important Fashion Tips for Men

Men’s fashion is not all that easy. You have to mix and match carefully to make a lasting impression. Following are fashion tips that can help.

At work place avoid wearing jeans with t-shirts. You can wear them with formal shirts which exudes seriousness! The shirts shouldn’t be shimmery or shiny. Save them for some party. Wear soft cotton shirts with trousers. You can also wear a tie.

Ties are a good option for an office wear, party, formal dinners and weddings. Co-ordinate the tie with your shirt and suit and you will look like a million dollar! There also some really cool and funky ties that are now being sold in the markets. They can be worn over a t-shirt and a casual shirt.

Avoid wearing socks of dark colors as they can look extremely outrageous! Stick to colors like white, beige or cream.

For business meeting and presentations wear formal suits. It gives a good first impression. Make sure the fit is perfect.

For a casual wear, you can wear denims with casual shirts and t-shirts. Make sure you wear nice belt so that it complements the final look. Don’t wear baggy jeans and t-shirts. They look horrible to say the least. Wear well fitted denim with smart tees.

For a party, stick to satin shirts and trouser. Don’t wear corporate suits to party. Opt for more party-like suits. You can wear a black shirt with a black suit.

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