Lip Liner Application

Applying lip liner is now a very essential part that is considered in lip makeup. Without lip liner application, your lip makeup is considered to be incomplete. Let it be natural makeup or dramatic makeup, lip liner is what you always require. There is proper technique to wear lip liner which most of us don’t know. Following are the tips to apply proper lip liner in a seamless manner.

•    Start with finding the correct lip liner as per your skin tone and preferences. Always prefer lip liner that is one shade lighter than your skin tone.

•    To bring a proper definition to your lips, apply lip liner before applying lip color. Hold your hand firmly for a seamless result.

•    In case you’re not going to apply lipstick, and just going to stay with lip gloss, skip applying lip liner.

•    To make your lip liner stay longer apply at least two coat of it, and make sure to not leave any gaps in between.


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