Quick Hand Care Tips for Beautiful Hands

Just as we take care of face to look pretty, our hands also need our special attention to look well-groomed. Sadly, a majority of women hardly pay any attention to their hands as they believe that beauty is all about beautiful face. However, the truth is, if you ignore your hands for long, they may spoil your entire look. If not taken care of, your hands tend to become dry and rough. Check out few quick hand care tips and tricks for beautiful hands:

Make sure you get regular manicure done to get beautiful, soft hands. This will make sure that your hands and nails are in good shape.

You should trim and file your nails regularly. This will help you get beautiful nails. Be sure that you clean your nails daily.

Before applying your nail polish, make you remove the older one with a good nail polish remover. Never try to remove the nail paint with razor.

Add some lime juice in lukewarm water and dip your hands in it for some time. This will help you remove any dirt or pollutants from your nails. You should push back the cuticles gently with a wooden stick. Make sure you moisturize your hands well.


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